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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Supplies

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Supplies, Services
Awarded Vendor (Response) Contact Phone Email Website Award Agreement Current Renewal
Aquilla Educational Resources Peggy Bridges (521) 796-0888 Agreement  
Audio Visual Aids Corp (Audio Visual Aids Company) Ron George (800) 422-1282 Agreement Renewal
Battery Systems Inc Suzanne Cruz (310) 667-9320 Agreement  
Bio Corporation (Bio Company Inc) Rebecca Hedstrom (320) 763-9094 Agreement  
Carolina Biological Supply Company Elizabeth Stanfield (800) 334-5551 Agreement Renewal
Coastal Welding Supply, Inc Rachel Wilson (409) 838-3757 Agreement  
CompleteBook (Complete Book and Media Supply, Inc) Kendall Montiegel (800) 986-1775 Agreement Renewal
Covenant Communications Corporation Carol Weisenfelder (281) 807-3500 Agreement  
Crisis Prevention Institute JT Gylland (414) 979-7178 Agreement  
Cupcake Quilts LLC Stacie Johnson (281) 528-2909 Agreement Renewal Tarek Maalouf (936) 355-1211 Agreement  
Data Projections, Inc. Jessica Greening (713) 781-1999 Agreement  
Davis Publications, Inc. Laura Flavin (508) 754-7201 Agreement Renewal
Fisher Science Education (Fisher Scientifc Company, LLC) Darlena Ogoke (800) 955-1177 Agreement Renewal
Follett School Solutions, Inc. Gordon Herring (888) 511-5114 Agreement Renewal
Husky Trailer & Parts Co. Inc. (Husky Trailer Mfg. Co. of Houston) Jason Biedrzycki (936) 295-9900 Agreement  
Infobase, Infobase Learning, Films Media Group (Facts On File, Inc.) Felicia Ambrogio (212) 896-4616 Agreement  
Interstate Battery Systems of Brazos Valley (Brazos Battery Enterprises, Inc.) Donald W. Tope (214) 535-8666 Agreement  
KAMICO Instructional Media, Inc. Kathy Michael (254) 947-7283 Agreement Renewal
LEGO® Education North America (LEGO® Brand Retail, Inc.) Jeff Coe (800) 362-4308 Agreement Renewal
Lab Resources, Inc. Jessica Hooks (281) 516-2200 Agreement  
Litho Supply and Service Company, Inc. Bill Powers (713) 460-2233 Agreement Renewal
Nasco LLC Justin Jeffery (800) 563-8296 Agreement Renewal
Nuemman (Nuemman LLC) Emmanuel Nuvaga (214) 499-5652 Agreement Renewal
O'Reilly Auto Parts (O'Reilly Auto Enterprises LLC) Roanen Barron (417) 829-5879 Agreement  
Omega Broadcast & Cinema Troy Marx (512) 251-7778 Agreement  
Paxton/Patterson LLC Kathleen Manders (800) 323-8484 Agreement  
Perma-Bound Books (Hertzberg-New Method, Inc.) Carol Foster (217) 243-5451 Agreement Renewal
Pitsco Education (Pitsco, Inc) Angela Watson (800) 835-0686 Agreement Renewal
Rosen Publishing Group (The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc.) Arlene Riley (800) 237-9932 Agreement Renewal
Saddleback Educational, Inc. Lisa Taraborrelli (714) 640-5200 Agreement Renewal
Southern Floral Company Lorrie Dickinson (713) 867-0229 Agreement  
TAG Communications, LP Mark Taylor (281) 376-7055 Agreement  
The Burmax Company, Inc. Vanessa Schultz (800) 645-5118 Agreement  
VEX Robotics, Inc. (VEX Robotics) Sean Daugherty (903) 453-0802 Agreement  
Vernier Software & Technology, LLC Ginny Van Ness (503) 277-2299 Agreement Renewal
Vision Associates Kristen Knoll (815) 363-7919 Agreement Renewal
Visual Techniques Inc. Christan Wood (903) 297-4642 Agreement  
Visualz (Auth Print Group LLC) Patty Muchow (888) 455-7003 Agreement  
Voss Lighting (Voss Electric Company) Glenn Mitchell (713) 996-8060 Agreement  
Wood Alternator and Starter Service (H J Wood) J. David Wood (281) 448-0445 Agreement